Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

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Be a Data-Driven Business

Your business generates an enormous amount of data. With the right Business Intelligence (BI) right tools, you can put all that data to work in making your company more competitive and profitable.

  • Spot trends that affect your profitability, e.g. a slow-down in the sales pipeline for a particular product or region
  • Identify inefficiencies in operations or weak links in your supply chain
  • Understand the impact of economic trends on your business

Making BI Work in Your Business

Aggregate data from multiple sources

Gain a complete view of your business by combine data from sources like Excel files

Create visuals to aid in data analysis

Find the intelligence buried in your data by presenting it in a visual display, e.g. a data table, pie chart, bar graph, traffic light, fuel gauge, etc.


Keep the BI process secure

Restrict data visibility by role, reserving sensitive information for only those people with the appropriate access rights.


Query data with natural language

Drill down into your data by asking questions in plain language, e.g. “Which region had the most revenue growth?”

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“Acumatica has allowed us to be a better digital business. From Sales to Operations, from Admin to C-Level Executives, Acumatica allows us to have insight into data to make good decisions to grow our business in a powerful way.”

– Bryan Papé, Founder & CEO (MiiR)