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Manage Every Aspect of Your Projects

Projects are where you make (and perhaps lose) money, so the better you manage them, the better your business will perform. Project management software, part of ERP, should enable you to stay on top of time tracking, change orders, budgeting, inventory, billing, profitability and reporting. An effective project management solution will enable:

  • Project cost tracking
  • Custom project quoting
  • Accurate, flexible billing
  • Dynamic, real time budget reporting
  • Company-specific reporting periods
  • Control over project scope and change orders

Maximize Project Profitability with Project Accounting Software

Gain an overview of your project costs

Project accounting software gives you a complete view of project-related costs, including labor time, materials, services and inventory items.


Charge the right rates for different kinds of work

Project accounting software lets you vary the billing rates you charge by employee as well as by customer, work type or specific project.

Compare budget vs actual

Actual project costs usually diverge from the original budget. Project accounting software lets you compare actual project costs with budgets, both original and revised.


Make complex quoting simple to do

Project accounting tools let you keep project sales and pricing simple while still supporting complex quote processes. You can create quotes and update them while linking to CRM records.

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“Acumatica dramatically shortened invoice and financial statement creation time—reducing creation of AR aging report from one week to one click of a button and shaving one day off time required to close quarter.”

– Aditi Staffing Employee