Acumatica 2019 R2, released this September, has been updated with over 100 new features, improvements and enhancements. Most of these were chosen based on feedback from community-based Focus Groups. Reaching out to the community has enabled Acumatica to understand the newest trends and tailor its software to users’ exact requirements.

While adding functionality, Acumatica has been updated to maximize its effectiveness across many industries. The software now has a simpler interface, while users can more easily customize it and see productivity improvements thanks to enhanced cross-functional workflows.

Here is a sampling community input that enabled software engineers to refine Acumatica:

Platform Enhancements

Acumatica 2019 R2 introduces the Pivot Table widget to dashboards, so users can analyze data from generic inquiries by reorganizing and summarizing information as needed. Mobile text notifications can now be sent to recipients who don’t have the Acumatica mobile app installed. With enhancements to Contract-Based APIs, developers are able to retrieve different types of detail lines in a single request. The cloud ERP’s HubSpot CRM integration has also been improved.

Improved Usability

Usability improvements include the addition of user-defined fields on mobile devices, conditional formatting for dashboard table widgets and the ability to create expense receipts from an image. Users can select a company branch in one click, while the ability to sort/filter attachments in a table simplifies file management. For financial users, predefined user roles make it easier and simpler to access system functions without setting roles manually.

Increased Functionality

Acumatica now has greater functionality across multiple areas:

  • Financial Management—The software now offers support and reconciliation for corporate credit cards, while payments can be applied to individual lines of Accounts Payable documents. Approval of Accounts Receivable invoices and credit/debit memos has been simplified.
  • Project Accounting—Users can control budgets while entering documents. They can also view project budgets in greater detail. For those who manage change orders, two-tier change management has been added. Project budget forecasts now allow users to compare actual project costs and incomes with forecast budget amounts per financial period.
  • Inventory/Order Management—The cloud ERP has additional prepayment functionality. Users can change the vendor in purchase orders and more easily link direct sales order invoices. Customer order numbers can be validated on sales orders. Warehouse Management System advanced picking is also included in Acumatica 2019 R2.

Targeted Segments

Specific segments for targeted improvements include:

  • Construction—Information availability is enhanced with Daily Field Reporting. Lien waiver enhancements help avoid accidental payments to vendors.
  • Field Service—Service orders can be automatically defined (by user/appointment type). Users can now use default cost codes by service order type when creating service contracts, tasks, and project schedules.
  • Manufacturing—Multiple change requests are now possible with Engineering Change Control. Forecasting and exception handling have been improved by a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system.

The user community is an essential part of the Acumatica story. The software evolves and improves based on feedback from those who are most familiar with it—the community of users. To learn more about Acumatica 2019 R2’s enhancements and advanced features, and how it can increase productivity and accelerate growth, let’s talk. Or, register for a launch event near you.

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