When choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, you want one that is flexible, user-friendly and meets varying departmental requirements. If it’s too difficult to use, productivity will be negatively affected. Your business and its systems won’t reach their full potential and you will constantly be creating a work-a-round.  What does it take to find an ERP that is easily used and flexible for your business? This article digs into these questions by referencing a modern cloud ERP solution called Acumatica. Acumatica offers industry leading and industry recognized user experience and robust flexibility for sales, accounting, distribution and manufacturing requirements. 

Choose the Devices Most Suited for Your Business

Most people pick the software first and then figure out which devices work best with it. The opposite approach might be better in a lot of cases. Pick the devices your people like the most and work back from there to the ERP solution. Acumatica can run on any device anytime and anywhere.  It’s important to select devices that enable your team to do their job using the tools they prefer to use. Today smartphones and tablets can be used to manage any business task done in the ERP system. Vendors like Acumatica can re-size information to fit any device screen and supports multiple browser tabs so you can easily access frequently used areas. It can even use a device camera to obtain images of expense receipts and other documents.

Look for Solutions that Optimize How Information Is Displayed

The way information is shown in an ERP affects how efficiently you can work with it. In Acumatica, dashboards can be designed to provide users and administrators with instant access to critical information. The system lets you create a Favorites Page where you can access specific dashboards, functions and applications. It also enables users to tailor pre-formatted data displays with different formats, sequences and summaries. And, when you start searching for information, available options appear, helping to save time.

Find Intuitive Tools to Get Information You Need

The faster you can find information, the more productive you can be. Dashboards provide the “big picture,” but you can also drill-down for more detail in Acumatica; use drag and drop to manage documents and drill right down to source entries and transactions. Global Search makes it faster and easier to find what you need; it lists relevant menu items, transactions and help resources, using AI and machine learning to optimize help results. Generic inquiries also speed data access while Microsoft Power BI tools display data from multiple systems on a single dashboard.

The Solution Should Automatically Supply Your Data

Automating the monitoring of data changes and sending of email and mobile notifications can boost efficiency for sales reps and other personnel. Process monitoring provides an instant look into orders, activities and conditions within your system. Acumatica provides these and the ability to change workflows, whether from single to multi-level format or to hierarchal. The tool lets you add data fields to workflows, security and business rules (accessed from reports and dashboards) without any programming expertise.

Enable Features Unique to Mobile Technology

Acumatica can utilize features found in Android and iOS devices. Barcode readers, GPS tracking, photo documentation, calendars, and speech recognition apps can be used accommodate various business functions. For example, product and service information can be accessed immediately from barcodes, while updates can be dictated directly into the system using speech recognition software. And if photographic information can deliver additional insights, it can be added to reports and messages. If you’d like to learn more about whether Acumatica is the right Cloud ERP system for your organization, let’s talk.

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