Access to the right data, at the right time, is fast becoming the defining attribute of successful businesses. Organizations that can manage their finances, customer relationships and workforce from anywhere are at a competitive advantage. ERP software is critical for achieving this capability. The software plays an important role in data management and reporting as well as data availability.

ERP and Its Role in Data Management and Reporting

ERP is positioned to generate business data and make it available from multiple devices and locations. After all, an ERP allows for oversight of everything from sales to supply chain management from the home office or mobile devices. Business processes can be managed from anywhere. Acumatica, a cloud ERP solution, is also adaptable, with limited costs incurred to upgrade it. The solution can be scaled to account for growing numbers of users, transactions and other business activities.

Incorporating modules such as Financials, Manufacturing, Distribution, CRM, Project Management and Field Services, Acumatica streamlines data management and reporting with:

  • User interface configuration, customizable dashboards and filter settings
  • Custom reports, where report data can be selected from an ERP database
  • Data consolidation from multiple business branches/entities
  • Document templates for most data entry forms, saving time and minimizing errors
  • Security features; it lets administrators manage users, control user access to information and set security policies while incorporating audit trails, database encoding and two-factor authentication.

Case Study: PostcardMania

PostcardMania was founded in 1998, but recently implemented Acumatica after outgrowing its legacy systems. The $20 million company serves about 12,000 active customers. With this growth, QuickBooks was not effective at managing financial data and reporting. Nor did it enable managers and workers to have access to data when they were on the move.

After nine years of using the accounting platform and spending two years searching for a better solution, CEO Joy Gendusa said her team realized, “We’re too big, and we had too many moving parts not to have an ERP.” She also noted the company’s homegrown CRM did not include accounting and the team was losing confidence in it. Acumatica stood out because it offered a variety of license options, scalability, and the ability to customize the solution using standard toolsets. 

After choosing Acumatica’s Enterprise edition, the direct mail marketing company projected a $600,000 increase in profitability. They have benefited from real-time, 24/7 access, which helped improve corporate-wide system access and increased productivity. The new ERP solution also led to a drastic decrease in errors, refunds, and re-work as highlighted by standard dashboard analysis. A further benefit was lowering the cost scaling their organization due to an unlimited user license, letting them easily add new staff including more remote sales people.  The ramp of users was further aided by a more consistent user interface which simplified training.

The implementation was so successful, the company plans on eventually adding other Acumatica functionality, including, WMS Distribution Management, Project Accounting and Customer Relationship Management. A robust offering of additional modules and functionality is a major benefit of Acumatica. Businesses avoid switching to or adding disconnected new systems as they expand, thus eliminating the hassles and risks of external data integration and staff having to learn new platforms.

Invest in Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Solutions

Acumatica provides a single point of access to data, reporting tools, user interfaces and document management systems from any device. It even automatically adapts interfaces to different screen sizes. Data management functions support the design of custom reports, consolidation of data from multiple entities and configuration of user interface settings and dashboards. To learn more about how Acumatica can benefit your business as much as PostcardMania, contact us today to ask questions, request a free product tour/demo or schedule a free consultation.

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