Software has grown steadily more critical to business growth and overall success. If you’re the age of today’s Fortune 500 CEOs and entered the workforce in the 1980s, you’ll probably recall computers (and software, to the extent anyone knew the difference between the hardware and the code it was running) as being back office machines. They handled order processing and financial transactions. Real work was done on the phone.

If you started your career in the 90s, you’ll remember PCs being front and center in daily work life. However, the software that ran businesses was still somewhat abstract. In the last 15-20 years, though, we’ve seen software zoom forward to occupy the preeminent position in business operations. Businesses run on software. Software runs businesses. The right software can support strong business growth.

The connection between software and growth

Software does not automatically create business growth. That needs to be said. People make businesses grow. Today, however, that means using software and data to advantage. Growth comes from a business adding new customers, increasing sales per customer and expanding into new territories. Software supports these processes in multiple ways, including:

  • Building deep, sustainable and differentiated relationships with customers by means of mobile engagement, data-rich interactions, omni-channel commerce and more
  • Facilitating smart investment planning and financial management with ERP and financial software
  • Enabling lean business operations through business process management and mobile employees
  • Laying the foundation for rapid-cycling innovation and competitive differentiation with data analytics and fast-paced software development

Choosing the right software

The success envisioned above assumes that you’re running the right software. What’s the right software? That will depend on your business. What’s right for you might be wrong for another company. The software you choose, and the way you configure it, needs to align closely with your strategy and operations. Software is sufficiently complex that it’s possible to make missteps in its implementation.

One significant question to ask before embarking on a search for business software is, “How will we achieve growth?” You have to know this before you can match software to the goal. This makes sense, but it’s amazing how often this connection gets missed. Some businesses have a “buy first, figure it out later” approach. That’s not optimal and can in fact lead to slow growth or even business problems.

What’s your path to growth? If it’s territorial expansion, then perhaps a cloud-based solution will be best. It can easily spread out geographically as quickly and flexibly as you wish. If customer service is your secret sauce for growth, then investing in the best possible customer resource management (CRM) solution and accompanying customer data analytics package will be what you need,

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