Acumatica Cloud ERP Success Story

ProPharma Distribution, LLC was created to deliver personalized customer service to the surgical care industry, providing medications facilities rely on. The company outgrew QuickBooks and moved to what seemed to be a simple system based on multiple point solutions perceived as “best-of-breed” with Microsoft Dynamics at the center. The complicated environment required a huge amount of labor and expense to maintain and keep operational. After working with a new IT partner, ProPharma quickly moved to Acumatica and gained stability and an interconnected platform for growth.


Company Details

  • Location: Westminster, CO
  • Industry: Wholesale Distribution of Surgical Pharmaceuticals
  • Application Replaced: Microsoft Dynamics

Key Results

Gained stable, reliable, interconnected cloud-based platform

Eliminated downtime allowing executives to focus on growing the business.


Acumatica Cloud xRP framework speeds customization that includes FDA Pedigree compliance & trace-ability

Annual savings of $120,000 from reduced IT staff and licensing costs

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“Acumatica’s unlimited user licensing model and cloud-based platform has saved ProPharma $120,000 annually when factoring in a reduced need for hardware, an IT staff member to support it, and less money spent on licensing costs.”

– Charles Snyder, IT Director